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This is the writing/icon journal for Hikki (hikari_cyhan).

Who is Hikki?

I enjoy reading, writing, foreign languages and cultures, and learning new things. I've been an anime fan since sixth grade. Mostly, I write drabbles. I find it difficult to write chapter fics, although I come up with an idea or two every now and then. I only write het, and usually only pairings that I like (exceptions usually being made when I do drabble games (usually with coyul). A lot of my drabbles come from these drabble games, and if anyone ever wants to play, just IM me (AIM: T3hHikki)! It goes like this: We set the fandom we can write about (lately, coyul and I have been doing Avatar-only, and romanitas and I have done Avatar pairings only). Then, one person issues a challenge with a character/pairing/group/etc. and a word or phrase. The other person has to write a drabble on the spot in AIM. Once the first person reads it, the second person then issues the first a challenge, and it goes on and on until you stop.

Feel free to either join or simply friend the community. Keep in mind, however, that posting access is restricted. I am the only person who can post in this community. You can still leave replies, though.

All the R/M-rated fics or higher are posted under f-lock.

Please review what you read! I really like to hear back from people! <3

Rules for Icons
1. If you take anything, credit back here or to hikari_cyhan.
2. Leave a comment if you take anything.
3. I do take requests--contact me via AIM--T3hHikki--or, if I'm not on, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.
4. Do not, under any circumstances, claim my work as your own.

Icon Sources
- Brushes, Patterns, Textures
- Brushes
- Brushes, Textures, Patterns, Gradients
arisubox - Textures
unmasked_icons - Textures
wreckage_icons - Textures
framedinblood - Textures
mss_celese - Textures
DaFont - Fonts
spiritcoda - Textures
tentaphia - Textures
coloredcakemix - Textures
fullmind_79 - Textures
offbeat_upbeat - Textures
like_to_be_free - Textures
signal_smoke - Textures
77words - Textures
Aethereality.net - Source images

Hi, I like textures. I am a texture whore.

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